Mar 22, 2009

A Project Filled with Love

This little baby quilt has kept me busy for awhile now. I made it for a very special someone who is on the way in a few months. I am so excited! My kids are happy with the quilt and that makes me feel good too.

Mar 19, 2009

More Spring!

The days are beautiful here in Utah. Yesterday I turned off the furnace and opened the windows and it was wonderful! My sewing machine sits right in front of a window and so I sat there and enjoyed the fresh air while I made this topper for my table. A Spring topper. The pattern was designed by Sherri of This & That and was a great project.

This also makes a second finish for March. Thanks to May Britt and Kris and their challenge, I have been diligently looking for projects to finish. Last month I won the drawing and just yesterday received a sweet package from May Britt with a Tilda stitchery, some adorable buttons and pretty floss. Can't wait to get busy on the stitchery and share it with you.

Today is supposed to be another good day...outside and in.

Mar 16, 2009

Feeling Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I went to church without even a jacket or a sweater. It makes me feel like it should be Spring. But it isn’t yet. I hear there is another snow storm on the way. But still it is Spring in my soul so I made me a new Spring purse this morning. Thanks to Rae for the pattern. It was so easy and fun to put together and came out great! I love it.

Mar 11, 2009

Changed My Mind

Sorting through my fabrics the other day, I came across a pretty dotted green piece that I had forgotten I had. I remember being so in love with it when I first bought it and now it was love all over again. I looked around for a place to use it and decided it would be perfect as a background for my monthly Basket Blocks. Two were already finished (here and here) so it meant doing them all over again. But I did it and I like it. The Internet doesn’t do it justice, of course. The fabric is a beautiful soft celery green and adds just a touch of color to the background.

Now I have the first three months all completed….again.

Mar 6, 2009

Meet a Good Guy

No, you have not reached the National Geographic Blog. This is still Sunshine Yellow. I just wanted you to meet my very good (and handsome) friend, T-rex.

I have so enjoyed getting to meet all your dear little friends; the fun duo Hugo and Felix, adorable and cuddly Fancy and then there is the computer literate Binnie. I've also noticed a few beautiful birds out there. Now I figured it was time to share my sweet pet with you.

We have had T-rex for 2 years now. He moved in here as a tiny babe about 4 spunky inches long. Now he is a grown easy-going man of 18 inches and has been the perfect pet. He doesn’t bark, or need to be taken outside for walks. He doesn’t shed around the house, doesn’t chew up shoes or scratch furniture. Or cost a lot in maintenance. When you want a friend, he is there. When you are tired of him, he is happy to sit quietly in his glass cage without complaints.

And he makes me laugh.

T-rex loves embroidery and is a stitcher watcher. He will sit with me for hours and keep an eye on that fascinating needle going in and out and in and out. Instead of a backdrop for his cage he has it decorated with his very own bug quilt.

Most people think lizards are unemotional. But to one who has gotten to know and understand this one, I realize that even though he may be incapable of loving me, he does like me very much. I notice him perk up when he sees me coming down the hall each morning. And if he wanders off a ways, he always comes back after a while to just sit by me. I can read that as friendship.

I can’t wait to read your comments, but please, no EWWWW’s! T-rex does have one flaw….tender feelings. :-)

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