Aug 26, 2008

Cute little caddy pattern

Thanks to Helen and the delightful pattern she created for her Stitchers Angel project, I now have a new armchair caddy. It fits perfectly on the right side of the couch where I spend most of my stitching hours. Things just got a lot nicer and cozier for my favorite spot. This caddy was just so fun to put together. It's been a good sewing day!

Aug 20, 2008

Trying out Crazy Quilting

I am doing a Crazy Quilt Round Robin with four other ladies. I've never done crazy quilting before so this is something new for me. I am enjoying it so far. Here is the block I sent out. It is somewhere around the U. S. right now...between Georgia and Washington. I'll have it back in October after its been to Denmark. It will be exciting to see what everyone came up with for it.
A few of these talented ladies are doing beautiful ribbon embroideries on the blocks. I love looking at what they've done and I admire their work so much. Someday I will learn to do that but for now my additions to the blocks are simple stitcheries. This is my stitchery on Janet's block.

Aug 6, 2008


This evening I finished stitching Noah and the giraffes for Lynette's BOM. I just love working on them, they are so sweet. Even though it seems like such a long wait for the next month's block, I can see how this year has been zooming by pretty fast. How did it get to be August already? I have had so much fun with this project. Thank you Lynette.

Aug 2, 2008

Sewing essentials

I enjoyed Nanette's post about the special sewing caddies and tools she uses at her machine and when hand stitching. My sewing "caddy" is a nifty little drawer that sits right in front of my machine. I can reach inside for whatever I want, almost without looking and would be lost without it. I've even learned how to sew with it opened sometimes. It is just so important.

Did you notice there are 3 tools for unpicking mistakes? They come in handy....all 3. And really get a workout!

For take-along projects I found these terrific little totes and now I can't do without them. They are small yet hold quite a bit, keeping things sorted for me. They snap apart and I can add or subtract sections, taking along only those I need at the time.

They aren't very quaint or charming on their own but when filled with beautiful threads, fabrics and project pieces the charm is there for sure.

Daisies are my favorite flower and so, of course, I couldn't resist these little buttons. Threaded together as a fob for my scissors they also add a little whimsy to my simple plastic stitching caddy.

And speaking of scissors, here is my favorite well worn pair, kept in my nifty little drawer along with a stern warning for the scissor poachers around my house!

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