May 31, 2013

I spy some fun for a little one


I had some help in my sewing room yesterday.  My sweet granddaughter loved playing with the I-Spy fabrics while I sewed.  It’s like looking through a story book…but she made up her own stories.



I think they’re fun to look at too!



…and this morning I finished putting them all together. It was a quick project, which I really needed after working on two pretty involved quilts for most of this year (with a long ways to go yet on both of them).

This crib sized I-Spy quilt was fun and easy.  I used this ingenious idea over here at Obsessively Stitching.  


I Spy 023

A couple of years ago I made these two I-Spy quilts for my grandkids. 

With so many cute kiddie fabrics out there, I’m kinda sure there are more I-Spy quilts in my future.

May 14, 2013

plugging along


Slow and steady will win this race to complete a Double Wedding Ring.  My hopes are to have it together by August.  There still isn’t a lot of free time available for me right now but a minute or two here and a minute or two there and I’m making progress anyway.  Pretty sure I can reach my goal.  I need 97 “eyes”, I have 67 done and the rest at various stages of completion. 

See my cute little speaker in the background?  It’s a gift from Mr. Sunshine so I can listen to audio books while I sew. 


Right now I’m reading ‘The River of Doubt’ by Candice Millard.  It’s a true story about Theodore Roosevelt’s journey to the Amazon River. 

I read ‘Destiny of the Republic’ (Pres. James A. Garfield) earlier and enjoyed it so much that I’m trying another one of her books.  I am on chapter 7 and really liking it.

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