Feb 29, 2012

Housing report for February


I’ve been busily working in the fabric housing department and loving every moment of it.   That’s how I work on them…a moment here and  a moment there.



Then I sew my little houses together into 9 patch blocks. 



92 houses so far.  It’s starting to look like a quilt!

Feb 24, 2012

Time for a new bag

Today I poked around in my sewing room a bit and then decided I needed to sew a new bag.  My all time favorite go-to bag is the Buttercup Bag pattern (by Rae).  It always holds my stuff just right and is fun to make.  I enlarged it a bit this time and put a flap on it.



I notice this is only my second post for February and the month is nearly over.  Not that I lack any projects to work on, I’ve just been preoccupied for a bit. 

I did manage to keep “building” more little houses.  They are great for working on… a minute here… and a minute there.  And that’s all the time I’ve had is minutes.

I have my fingers crossed for much more sewing time in March.

Feb 2, 2012



My January total! 

…and I even had the flu for two weeks.  This gives me hope for the months to come.  I really want to succeed in this project.

I’m a little ahead, so come what may, February should be no sweat.

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