May 31, 2009

Just a Quick Post

I just realized that it is the last day of the month and I haven't posted my One Project A Month finish. Luckily I spent some time crocheting over the weekend while visiting with family and was able to finish four dishcloths for our Thursday Stitching / Service group. I was looking for a pattern that I've used before and really liked but couldn't find it so I came up with a simple granny square. I like, easy and quick to do. And hopefully they will be useful for whoever recieves them.

May 25, 2009

Dresden Decisions

I finshed my dresdens blades...12 in all. Now comes decision making time. What to do for the background and centers ...any suggestions? I would appreciate them.

I thought of maybe a soft light brown background but then I change my mind. I think the centers should be darker and maybe even different colors for each one: dark brown, red, green, etc.

Maybe I need to take them for a walk through the fabric shop in search of something that clicks. Actually, that sounds like my best idea all day.

May 22, 2009

Sending Flowers

Lettie over at Polka Dot Pineapple, who always has such awesome projects, has come up with yet another one. She has a tutorial for making darling bookmarks and then she adds the idea to go hide them in books at the library with a little note to randomly cheer some reader’s day.

I love that! I made a few this morning and now I’m on my way to the library to return a book and have some fun while I’m there! I think a couple of these look like they belong in the Young Adult books for girls section, don't you?

On another note: My husband brought home a new camera the other day, since ours was slowly dying. I’m learning to use it and my sweet little T-Rex has been graciously posing for me as a model so I can practice. Isn’t he beautiful?

May 17, 2009

Two Happy Travelers

Last night, my husband and I arrived home from an awesome week's cruise along the west coast from Los Angeles to Vancouver. It was a great adventure full of all sorts of fun and very tired feet from running all over the cities. We visited Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Astoria, Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver.

I took along my hexagon flowers to work on, of course, but other than at the airport, I'm afraid I didn't get much sewing done. But now it is good to be home and back to the old needle and thread.

Speaking of which... I came across the lovely Button and Needlework Boutique in Victoria, Canada and couldn't resist a new project using these 23 sweet little Mother of Pearl buttons. I'll have to show it to you when it's finished.

May 5, 2009

Multi-tasking or ADD?

I have finished four more hexagon flowers so now I have 13 done and am still stitching on them every evening. I am having fun working on three terrific BOM projects (Verandah Views, 12 Months of Baskets, and Gail’s A Christmas Wish). Two miniature quilts are in progress (a bow tie and a Baltimore Album). I have siggy blocks going and participating in a quilt along and desperately want to join another one. My Butterfly Garden that I started 9 months ago needs just three more little blocks to embroider. And there is a quilt for my bedroom wall that needs quilted along with a table runner.

Sigh....So much going on but here I go again…

I have been so inspired by Sherri and Vanessa and Kaaren’s Dresden quilt blocks that I couldn’t help myself, I am starting another project. I bought a Moda scrap bag a while ago and it seemed perfect for this. I got 240 blades out of it and have a bit of fabric left. I will need more for the centers, background and such.

But I love the fabrics and I think it will be pretty. And it has just been so enjoyable to work on.

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