Dec 27, 2008

His and Hers

One of my Christmas sewing projects: aprons for our kids. That was fun!

Dec 18, 2008

More Christmas Sharing

I stitched up some of these little mini quilts (6” x 7”) to give away. One of my favorite Christmas thoughts is:

“The best gift of all, is love”

Dec 17, 2008

Sweet Christmas

Just one week left ‘til Christmas and it seems I’m still sewing away. I stitched up a whole bunch of Happy Zombies darling Pennie Pockets yesterday and filled them with sweets. Then my husband and I had fun this evening spreading Christmas cheer and giving them to friends.

Dec 12, 2008

Beautiful Words

I fell in love with this very clever idea from Little Birdie Secrets . Blocks that can be turned and arranged to spell different words. I spent my morning making a set of my own. they now sit on my kitchen window sill to daily encourage me with lovely positive thoughts.

Dec 10, 2008

Just a touch of 'special'

I kept thinking it just needed something more and this is what I came up with. NOW it is done. Amazing what little extra touches can do isn't it?

And NOW back to Christmas sewing!!

Dec 9, 2008


I have plenty of Christmas sewing that needs to be finished quickly, but I got myself sidetracked big time with a personal project. For a while I’ve been giving thought to making myself a new tote….what pattern, what fabric, etc. Around and around in my mind it goes. Then, Jackie’s black and white challenge got me to thinking in terms of black and white. Hmmm…this could be fun. I started playing with my fabric, just to see what looked good, but then, of course, I couldn’t stop and spent two days deeply involved in sewing myself a tote. This is what I came up with. I added yellow as an accent color, after all it is my favorite color. The pattern was challenging but I loved every minute spent on it.

Now back to Christmas sewing…only 2 weeks left!

Dec 4, 2008

Beautiful Christmas

Over the Thanksgiving holidays the womenfolk in our family spent hours around the dining room table playing with beads. A while ago, my sister-in-law, Rhonda, was looking at earrings and decided that they would look good on a Christmas tree. So that’s what we did. We made Christmas ornaments using earring hooks to hang them with. I put them on my tree last night and decided it added a nice touch. They sparkle so pretty in the tree lights, these pictures just don’t do them justice.

Last night my husband helped me get out the decorations and we made our home look like Christmas. It is a wonderful time of year and I went to bed feeling happy.

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