Apr 27, 2009

Relaxation Technique

Over the weekend I attended some mini classes, one of which was on reducing stress. We were all given a questionaire to fill out to determine our stress levels. One on the list was, "Add 20 points if you practice some form of relaxation technique each day." I told my friend next to me that I couldn't think of anything and she was surprised that I didn't do deep breathing or yoga or something like that. Then I thought about stitching my hexagons. I have found them so relaxing to work on, especially while listening to something (TV, music... DH). So I gave myself the 20 points.

Apr 21, 2009

Pretty Colors

Every Thursday morning I get together with a group of warm hearted friends to crochet and stitch. Most of our projects go to good causes. We’ve crocheted burp cloths for new mothers, hats for children and the Women’s Center, hot pads to welcome new neighbors.

Now we are making the prettiest little bookmarks for those who are ill or in need of some cheer and love. These are so much fun and work up quickly. I've been making lots of them so that I can try all the different colors of thread and ribbon combinations. I love playing with color and that’s what keeps it interesting. Besides working alongside some great ladies.

Apr 19, 2009

Hexagon Report

My spare minutes this weekend were spent stitching hexies and this is how I've done so far. I've passed the "just a placemat" stage and now on my way to "table runner." You've all been so sweet and encouraging that there is no way I can set it aside now, so it will keep on growing. There is a long ways to go yet but I'm still aiming for that lap quilt.

Apr 15, 2009

How Far Will I Go?

I’ve been seeing some spectacular hexagon flowers out there in quilting land. Sherri has stitched gorgeous hexagons out of soft florals. Then there are Jackie’s cheerful ones and she is also very organized about it. Lettie has a reputation for making pretty fabric flowers of all sorts and is now doing hexagon flowers too. Kaaren showed us her magnificent treasure that she is beautifully recreating. And “Tool Time” Karen who has such terrific ideas for lots of things also has an amazing one for simplifying hexagons.

Every time I look at them, I yearn to make one too. In fact I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. But I’ve been there before on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and it didn’t go very far. I don’t want to set myself up for failure again so this time I gave myself a challenge to see just how far I can go but in a way I can’t fail.

So, I sat down tonight and thoroughly enjoyed myself stitching a flower. If that’s as far as I get…it will be a mug mat. I’ve done okay. But it was way too fun so I know I’ll have no problem going a little farther than that… stitch up another flower or two to add to it and perhaps achieve a table runner, maybe even on to a wall hanging. Ideally, though, I hope to keep going and make it to at least a lap quilt. Do you think I can?

Who knows…maybe I’ll be Super Hexagoner and achieve a bed sized quilt…LOL.

Apr 13, 2009

Another Little One

There is a pattern for the cutest little quilt in this month’s American Patchwork & Quilting magazine called “A Little Star Struck”. I just finished making one for me today (with a few changes). Now I have another small quilt for my wall. The star blocks are just 3 inches square and my quilt measures 12 ½ inches by 15 ½ inches. This is great for using up tiny scraps. Those that are too small for most projects work perfectly for miniatures.

Apr 7, 2009

Easter Dresses

Nanette and Eileen are having a challenge to show our childhood Easter dress pictures. It didn’t take me too long to find one of mine. And here it is. It’s old and hard to see but brings sweet memories nonetheless. This is me and my sisters and my mom all dressed up and standing in the side yard of our home. I am the oldest and tallest girl in the middle with very light blonde hair. I have loved yellow since I was very small and this dress was all yellow and was my favorite for a long time. Mom made it for me and it was a happy time.

One of my first sewing projects was taking leftover scraps of fabric from that dress and stitching a costume for a puppet I was making in school. His name was Buttons and was in the class puppet show. I wore my yellow dress to school that day so we would match.

Hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful Easter.

Apr 3, 2009

Pinwheels in Miniature

I’ve been seeing some absolutely gorgeous pinwheel quilts out there, which makes me eager to start cutting out one of my own. But I have a few other large projects that need to be finished first. In the meantime, I decided to make time for a small version to satisfy my craving. This was supposed to be an evening project, but it took a little bit longer than that.

It measures 9” by 12” and the little pinwheels are 2 inches square.

A totally fun project and I think it makes a nice addition to my small quilts wall.

Apr 2, 2009

Thanks Again Terri

A while ago I won Terri's giveaway: an awesome package of fat quarters, charm squares and a pattern. The pattern was put to use right away. The fabric I held onto looking for some special way to use it all together. Then I found this pattern I'd kept from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine and knew that this was the project for Terri's fat quarters. The pattern is a baby quilt (I seem to be into baby quilts these days) and will probably be used as a baby quilt someday. But for now it hangs on the wall outside my sewing room door brightening my little corner of the world.

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