Aug 31, 2010

2 of my favorite things

I’ve been away for a few days having the best time ever.


First spending time together with my awesome family.  We did some biking and sightseeing and other fun stuff…


…and then I got to spend a whole wonderful day shopping for fabric. 

I see at least 6 great projects in this gorgeous pile.  (Most to be done in time for Christmas…oops…there’s that “C” word already)

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Aug 26, 2010

32 years in the making

020At long last the dishtowels we got for our wedding, 32 years ago, are being put to use. I put the last stitch in this morning and now we can enjoy them.  Thanks to so many of you for giving me the courage to cut into them.  I‘m very happy with how it turned out.

And much thanks to my photography assistants ☺ a 3 generation team.

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Aug 23, 2010

A Quilting Memory

This morning while searching through keepsake boxes, I found a good memory. 


I was about seven years old and my sister, Tricia, five when I noticed an order form in a package of quilt batting for a booklet.  For all of fifty cents – postage paid, it came close to our little budgets.  My mom had been sick and in the hospital and I wanted to do something for her, so my sister and I decided to send away for the booklet.  I know my dad helped to mail it for us and probably even paid for it. 

I was so excited when it came and we gave it to her.  I can still feel the awesome feelings I had.  I also remember being fascinated with the book and looking through it. 

Several years ago, (some 40 plus years later) my mom gave this back to me.  She had kept it.  Today, when I came across it among my other treasures, it was pleasant to just sit and remember for a bit. 

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Aug 19, 2010

And speaking of rulers…


Take a simple, inexpensive see-thru plastic wall file from Staples


Add a collection of quilting rulers


And get instant organization!  Neat and tidy.

009 - Copy

I’m surprised at how well they all fit and how easy it is to see and retrieve the rulers while I’m working.  I love it!!


Oh, and do you like my new thread cabinet?  It’s my very early birthday gift from Mr. Sunshine.  I got this awesome idea from Elizabeth at Oh Franson.  You know how sometimes things just jump out and click with you…this was one of those times. And another problem solved.  Thanks Elizabeth.

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Aug 14, 2010

Quilter’s Rule!


I’ve had this ruler for years and years and still, when I glance at this, I have to smile.

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Aug 6, 2010

Half way to a quilt top…almost

23 done 29 left

Twenty-three blocks finished and twenty-nine left to do….or… three rows done and four left to go. Either way, I’m almost halfway done.  I love scrap quilts and this one (The Road Less Traveled by Lori Smith) is VERY scrappy so I’m free to play around a lot on each block.  A fun process.

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