Feb 23, 2011

For my dolls


A quick little quilt for dolls.


All washed and soft and ready…


…for my granddaughters to cuddle with their dollies.


Feb 18, 2011

An awesome AHA moment!

My sewing room is a small space…less than 10’ square…so I have to be very creative in getting the most use out of it.  Mr. Sunshine is always trying to explain to me how I can not get one more piece of furniture in there…and then I amaze him by finding a way to do it anyway. 


I’m doing great on storage ideas but my biggest problem has been table space.  Then the other day I read this post over at Bloom and she led me to this post at La Vie en Rosie and a giant AHA! moment hit me. 

Early the next morning I was out shopping for foam core boards and inexpensive batting and before noon my quilt boards were all assembled. 

And now…look what I can do!




And I love being able to carry them right to my sewing machine.  I can sew away without having to keep jumping up to get block pieces from the design wall.  Wonderful!

I am now using them to finish the last row on my “The Road Less Traveled” quilt. 

But the first thing I used them for was to finish my Nine Patch Challenge blocks


A beautiful pile of yellow and blue (with a touch of green).

And I finally have a plan for how to put them all together.



Feb 7, 2011

Dear Jane Glass… half full or half empty?


009A small note to myself reminds me that I began my Dear Jane Journey a year and two months (or so) ago.



My swatch chart shows that I have completed 75 blocks.  So many beautiful blocks.  I need to get their pictures taken and posted

After a year, I am only nearly half way there.  But I’m enjoying the journey and feel I’ve made good progress…  “Glass half full!”


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