May 7, 2012

for my daughter

I came across this old candle holder and it seemed to call out to me,

“Make me into a pincushion!” 


So I did.


As a gift for my daughter…

with love.


And thanks so much to Kathy for the lovely pincushion pattern. 

May 1, 2012

thought I’d give it a try

I’ve long admired Natalie Jo’s blog, Picalilli Days.  She makes the most beautiful pincushions and this year she was so generous to run a tutorial on how we could make one of our own. 


So I tried it. 

It was fun but it wasn’t easy. 


I really like my little girl pincushion

but it’s probably the only one I’ll ever make.

Besides a wonderful talent, Natalie Jo has a lot of patience.  I admire her skills even more now.

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