Mar 26, 2012

window peeping

The postman delivered some exciting mail to my door …


from Pokey!004 (2)

and from Raewyn!


We traded “windows” for the little houses we’ve been building. 

It’s true what Pokey says:


It was very fun!  Thanks!

Mar 24, 2012

Good Times

quilt tent

Just what kids need for a fun evening at grandma and grandpa’s house… a few quilts to make a tent, some sweet snacks and a flashlight for each of them.  The combination makes for lots of happy giggles.

And wonderful memories for grandma and grandpa about when their own little girls did the same thing… in the same room.

Life is good isn’t it.

Mar 23, 2012

Blessing Baskets


I’ve been participating in Temecula’s Blessing Baskets quilt along.  Four blocks done and looking forward to what comes next.

Mar 16, 2012

My Sewing Space

Thelma, Nicole, and Carrie all posted about what they keep around their sewing work spaces.  I thought that was fun so here’s mine too: 


First off, the side of my machine.  I love my small yellow colander for trimmings and threads.


One of the 3-M hooks attached to the side of my machine keeps this very old and well used tool handy.


The work table / ironing table right next to the sewing machine space.


My daughter gave me this ceramic bowl which is perfect for trimmings and scraps at my work table.


And then I got on the homemade pedestal dish trend and made this to keep my current supplies where I can find them.  I used to always have to hunt through my project looking for the tool I set down a minute ago and now can’t find.  Now I automatically plunk them here and that problem is solved.

drawer space

I am very fortunate to have drawers under my sewing machine cabinet (an old desk) to keep most of my notions.  (Oh man!  what am I going to do for collages when Picnik shuts down?)


On the other side of the machine I keep scraps for leaders and enders in this pretty little cup.


The buttons for the lamp and the iron are right handy and at arms reach from my machine.  When I’m almost done sewing I just hit the button and the irons hot and ready to start pressing away.  I love it!


And speaking of my lamp, I have a magnet on the base that keeps needles safe until I have time to store them away….looks like its time.


If there is any thread left on the needle after hand sewing, I stick it here out of the way at the end of the work table.  When I need to sew a quick button or repair, I often find I have the right color needle all ready threaded.


Last, but not least, I have another yellow colander on my cutting table to keep my cutters together.  I seem to like cute little yellow colanders and if I’m not careful I could become a collector.


It sits below my ruler holder…really an office paper sorter..which has been ideal, I think I couldn’t live with out it.  I blogged about it here.

My room is just a little one (about 10 x 10) but then most everything is within close reach. Its been a fun challenge getting things to work in here.

And just when Mr. Sunshine says nothing more will fit in this room….I find a way to do it.

Mar 12, 2012

Play Time


Sewing on my house blocks reminded me of my daughters’ dollhouse furniture, stored away for many years now.  So I got them out and decided it’s time for their little girls to play with them.  

There was some minor fix ups to be done…reupholstering a worn out chair, making new miniature blankets, a little soap and water and a new hairdo for the doll, etc.



I don’t have a dollhouse, so I’m turning this little cabinet into a doll condo for a while.  I think it will work pretty good for little girls with lots of imagination.


Besides, it makes a nice place to store some wonderful memories of my daughter’s when they were tots.

Its been fun “playing house” for an afternoon.

Now back to playing with my other houses…the fabric ones.

Mar 8, 2012

Just one more thing….


Columbo has always been a favorite of mine.   Lately, he’s been keeping me company by my machine while I sew little houses.



I can finish three houses during one episode…



plus almost three more!


005 - Copy

I took a short break when Mr. Sunshine popped into my sewing room to visit.  Looking at my latest houses, he guessed this little fellow was an elephant!  Huh?

These windows are so tiny…about 3/4 inch square.

So funny…he really needed to be wearing his glasses for that size.

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