Apr 28, 2010

My Way

finished klosjesI’m making some progress on my klosjes. 

This is my first attempt at a tutorial.  Its mostly for Kaaren who wondered how I made my pattern.  There may be better methods out there but this is how I figured it out and its working well for me.

finished size patternFirst I sketched my pattern on 1/4” graph paper.  (You can print some here).  Mine finish at 3 inches square.  I decided I wanted my center to be 1 1/4 inches.  I kind of pulled that out of a hat…it just looked good to me. 


I added seam allowance and cut the two main pieces out.  Then I cut a permanent pattern from template plastic. The final template includes the 1/4” seam allowance. 

tiny dots

Can you see the holes in the plastic?  I was puzzled about getting accurate seam lines and borders, so the way I chose to do it was to punch those holes in the template so I could mark the seam line and corners. 

With a fine marker, I trace the template on the wrong side of my fabric and mark dots through the holes for the stitching line.  Maybe you can see the teeny tiny dots on the fabric. 

Marking and cutting the fabric goes pretty quick for me this way. And when I sew the pieces together I just match and sew dot to dot… I figure I can hand sew a straight line freestyle for at least an inch.

klosje tin

And finally I put all the cut and ready pieces into this cute little tin that Teresa gave me for Christmas.  Thanks again Teresa, it is just perfect for this project.  I tuck it into my purse so I can keep my fingers occupied wherever I go. 

daisy name

Apr 22, 2010

I shouldn’t…

But it looks like I will. 

test klosjes

I’ve been watching many of you hand-stitching away on your Klosjes.  So awesome to see them growing into piles of blocks from little scraps.  I just love it!!  I had to try them out.  And they are fun.

“But Annette!  You are already busy working on a hand sewing project…

hexagon flower

…so Klosjes are a no-no!” 

Hmmm…but then again, I’m overwhelmed with scraps.  I save them all, even tiny ones.  They are so pretty that I can’t bear to toss them.

scraps fabric central

I think I have more scraps than fabric, actually.  My ‘Stack 0 Scraps’ reaches almost to the ceiling. 

jar o scraps

Plus other smaller stashes here and there. Klosjes would be such a beautiful way to use and enjoy them.

So I guess I will succumb.

the start of a klosje quilt

Klosjes here I come!

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Apr 13, 2010

Sew in love

ever after

We had a great weekend getting together with family.  Busy days and good days.  Monday was going to be slower paced so I took the opportunity to start a new stitchery that I had my eye on.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Much of the day was spent working on this cute design by Mac A Doodles.  I made a few changes so it would fit the little hanger I already had and it was finished just in time for bed last night. 

Mr. Sunshine means the world to me and it was nice to think about our years together (32) while stitching away. 

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Apr 9, 2010

Pretty Stuff

blessing dress

I learned to sew when I was young and grew up making my own clothes most of the time.   Then I made my children’s clothes through their growing up years.  I still sew a lot but not clothes very much anymore.  However, this week I made a little blessing dress for our granddaughter’s special day. 

wearing dress 

It was nice to be using 5/8” seams instead of 1/4” for a change.

I’ve also been playing around with beads, making fobs for some of my scissors.  Sewing is enjoyable… and now even more so.


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Apr 5, 2010

Thanks for a fun day

antique quiltsAnina has an awesome blog called Twiddletails.  She is having a Pinwheel Party and sharing her quilt design with all of us.  This was already such a generous thing to do, but then then last week she had a give-away to boot.  I was the very lucky winner of this Antique Quilt magazine, which arrived today.  I can’t stop looking through it.  Thank you Anina…you brightened my day.

quick quilted miniatures

Also in my mailbox today was this book.  Mel has been busy housecleaning her studio and I was able to buy this from her for a  super-duper price.  Thanks Mel.  You know I love miniature quilts and this has my mind swimming with great new ideas. 

life is fun

And if all that wasn’t enough to make this a fun day…this little munchkin put the icing on the cake with her adorable smile.  Thanks sweetie!

daisy name

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