Apr 8, 2013



In a corner of our family room we’ve set up a play area for the grandkids.  They head right to it when they come to our house because they know they have fun there.  We try to keep it stocked with interesting things to do.

When I saw this project in Curiosities & Mischief by Nancy Halverson, I loved it! and knew it was the perfect addition to the play space decor.  My two other quilt projects were set to the side and this little one squeezed in instead.



This time of year its easy to be sidetracked anyway. It is finally nice outside and we’d rather be out there instead of in here.  Sunday Mr. Sunshine had a great time with the grandkids and the wheelbarrow.  Reminds me of him with our kids when they were little. 

Good times.



I’m almost half way into a new book, Eighty-Days by Matthew Goodman.  It’s a true story about Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, two women news writers in the late 1800’s, who raced around the world in different directions.  It is really good.  I have a hard time putting it down and take it with me everywhere I go.  Not necessarily because of the suspense of the race…but its fun to read because its a good story and well written.

But if you know who won…don’t tell me…


Anonymous said...

So much fun with the grandkids! I love the wall hanging too!

Linda said...

Great wall hanging...perfect for that area! What fun it must be to have the Grandchildren there...I look forward to that someday! Have a great day!!

Raewyn said...

What a neat hanging - wonderful learnings in such a fun way. Great to see you enjoying the spring weather.

Béa said...

Very cute quilt idea.XXX

Nanna said...

cute wall hanging,the book sounds interesting, I've joined up for a few reading challenegs & I'll have to check into this one

Nanette Merrill said...

I always love a good book recommend. Fun to see your husband with your grandchild. Good times.

Pokey said...

Your wall hanging is really neat, what a happy corner to come to in Gramma's house!

Anonymous said...

The wallhanging is a great idea. I look forward to your final word on the book. It sounded interesting to me, too.

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