Oct 25, 2012

What a lovely day

front window - Copy

We woke up this morning to this… looked like a dreary sort of day out there.



But then this pretty package was delivered to my doorstep from Thelma and my day brightened considerably…



And when I found these gorgeous fabrics inside, it suddenly became an absolutely beautiful day! 

Thelma and Nicole had a great Spools Quilt sew-along using Camille Roskelley’s pattern, and one very, very lucky me won these as a prize. 

Thanks so much Thelma.  I really appreciate you.  The sew-along was fun and I will be looking for something special to use the charms for.

Oct 17, 2012

a pretty stack


Still sewing those delightful Double Wedding Ring arcs.

130 down…

67 to go.

I do believe I’ll make it!

Oct 10, 2012

wedding jitters?


I don’t know if it’s all the hype about “those difficult double wedding ring quilts” that makes me just a bit nervous as I work on mine.  I give a little sigh when a completed arc fits together as it should.  I have 82 finished so far….my final total will be 194.



I keep them together in bundles of ten so I don’t lose count.  I like seeing the little piles grow taller. 

Though I keep thinking about what comes next… making them fit just right into all those daunting curved seams!

But I wanted a challenge so I’m going for it…

and really, I am enjoying working on this.



This evening I took a break and caught up on my Row-Along quilt. 

Now this one is very relaxing and just plain fun! 

Oct 6, 2012

lost and found

Our mornings are quite crisp now and the days much cooler.  Time to change out blankets and quilts to get ready for winter.


That’s when I discovered this quilt. 

I finished the top almost a year ago and had it quilted and then, for some reason or another, it was put away and forgotten…left unbound.

But that’s all taken care of now and it’s sitting in our family room ready to be used this winter.


While I was in the binding mood, I kept right on going and finished this baby quilt too.  This one won’t be forgotten in the linen closet.

Doesn’t it just feel so good when you finish a quilt!

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