Apr 26, 2012

learning to sew



This kid’s going to be a quilter…




I can tell already.

Apr 25, 2012

Welcome to my house

While working on all these little houses, I decided to have my own house be the large center block.  It was soooo fun to try to replicate my house! 

Now I just love “living” among all these nifty neighbors.  After all, who wouldn’t want to live next door to a funny giraffe or a pincushion or a pretty rainbow.


But mine is not just a house…it’s a home…through and through.  Lots of memories here.  This is where my children grew up.  See that rose bush by the front door?  Mr. Sunshine and I spent a lot of time finding just the right one and planted it when it was tiny.  Now it is taller than me.  This spring we chopped 15 feet off the top of that cherry tree by the side of the house.  It was huge!  And from this view you can’t see the maple tree behind it, but I can feel it there…it’s the one my kids spent summers climbing.

Now the hunt is on for just the right “couple” to fussy cut for the front window.  The ones to represent Mr. Sunshine and myself.  It will be an interesting challenge to see what I can come up with.  What better excuse to pour through all the fabric shops I can find.

This quilt is becoming a labor of love.

Apr 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

interesting people:

sewing, of course:

bugs…but only the cute kind:

pretty flowers:

and other fun things:

a trip to the zoo:

precious children:

and funny pets:

My report for April: 216 houses finished (whew!)…

…and still having fun… 

…can you tell?

Apr 13, 2012

stash busting


The scrap bins were overloaded (once again) and driving me nuts so I took the cutter to them and chopped up a whole bunch of 2 1/2” squares.  About 2,000 of them!


054Then I went looking for an idea for what to do with them all and found this 100 patch quilt by Deanna.  Perfect!  I went right to work on it.  My squares are a little bigger so my blocks finish at 29”.  Two blocks are done…10 more to go.  It’s enjoyable because each little piece has a memory of a past project.



Still have plenty of scraps but at least I can close the drawers now.


…and, BTW, we had a nice Easter.  We all get together for breakfast.  The guys are in charge of cooking it.  Then the kiddies are stripped down to diapers and let loose with the dye.  And the tiniest one really liked his new Easter bibs.  That makes me feel happy.  What a fun day!

Apr 1, 2012


8 baby bibs

I needed 2 bibs for Easter but these were so fun and quick that I ended up with 6 more than that!  Thanks to Jaime at Sew She Sews for the great tutorial.

5 Blessing Blocks

I finished the Temecula Quilt Co. quilt-along.

1 pouch for my key chain.

156 house blocks.

This is my March report.  Only 210 left to go.  I think I might just make it.

Last, but not least, look who else is counting.

To 13!

A sweet two year old...aka my granddaughter.

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