Mar 26, 2012

window peeping

The postman delivered some exciting mail to my door …


from Pokey!004 (2)

and from Raewyn!


We traded “windows” for the little houses we’ve been building. 

It’s true what Pokey says:


It was very fun!  Thanks!


Raewyn said...

I'm pleased they arrived safely, Annette. I look forward to seeing your new houses :-)

Linda said...

Great having friends who send you new windows!! your houses are looking great!!

Thelma said...

What a great idea! Those windows are adorable plus they will make your project even more special, windows from friends! I love that spool of thread, a peek into someone's sewing room!

Annemieke said...

That is a very good Idea to swap those little pieces. They look wonderful.
Have to built houses myself soon again.

Grandma said...

Where did you find this cute pattern. It reminds me of an I spy. So fun. Do you have directions for the block? I would love to make some.

Pokey said...

Lookie how behind I am, I just read your post this morning! I love my pieces you shared with me, too. Thank you for sharing your thought of swapping, I'm blessed. Easter break has started today for me, so maybe I'll have something more to do than school work...!

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