Mar 8, 2012

Just one more thing….


Columbo has always been a favorite of mine.   Lately, he’s been keeping me company by my machine while I sew little houses.



I can finish three houses during one episode…



plus almost three more!


005 - Copy

I took a short break when Mr. Sunshine popped into my sewing room to visit.  Looking at my latest houses, he guessed this little fellow was an elephant!  Huh?

These windows are so tiny…about 3/4 inch square.

So funny…he really needed to be wearing his glasses for that size.


Needled Mom said...

We LOVE Columbo here too....."ahh, just one more thing". What a great show.

The houses look fantastic. An elephant? Hmmm.

Raewyn said...

Oh I love your houses!! Love all your little friends in the windows!

LynCC said...

LOL!! :) My hubby's fighting the reading glasses thing. It's amusing watching him suffer needlessly, because I remember doing the same thing about 18 months ago. ;D

I *love* your window peeps!!

Carla said...

You are one efficient and speedy builder. Your little houses make my heart sing!

Pokey said...

Such a happy little neighborhood! Columbo sounds like a great way to pass the constuction time, he was always a favorite of ours.

Inge said...

Hi Annette,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Your houses look like mine and you also tell little stories, just like me. This is great! I have become a follower here and I will be back.

Quilty regards,

Nanette Merrill said...

I've watched all the British version of Colombo called Foyle's War. Well not really the same, but they have that similar understated approach that leaves people feeling like they can get away with things. Anyway I have been thinking about your houses. I want to make a town house type version for a wall hanging. Your houses have been on my mind too.

Saskia said...

Thanks for your message on my blog! Youre houses look pretty too :) You have build al lot already. I am a little behind on the schedule but i'm trying hard to catch up.

greetings Saskia

Carrie P. said...

Fun looking in the windows.

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