Jan 30, 2009

Beautiful Bird = Beautiful Day

I just had to show everyone this awesome crane that came in the mail for me today from Heidi. It's from her giveaway last week. I knew the origami bird was beautiful when I saw its picture but it is even more so in real life, up close. So nicely made. And she added this little wooden mushroom to the package. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Thank you tons Heidi. You brightened my day....and my sewing room. Its going to be hanging by my sewing machine...near the air vent where I can enjoy it moving gently from the draft.


Linda said...

Hi, Annette, I agree that is a very sweet crane. I think that the choice of paper is exquisite. Best wishes. Linda

Jackie said...

What a nice way to brighten you day! Love the crane and the little mushroom.

Rhonda said...

Always nice to get such pretty gifts in the mail. I love the crane.

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