Aug 15, 2013

busy… busy


Been keeping busy…I just love sights like this one …a sure sign of work getting done.



Turning all those tiny 1” scraps into this. 

It’s going quicker than I thought.



It does help to be listening to this while I work …such a good book!!

Can’t seem to put it down or the sewing 

Aug 10, 2013

…long time, no see…

Wow, what a crazy, busy summer this has been!  I was thinking my blogging days were over.  And no time for quilting either.  With that, I lost some of my motivation on projects I was working on this year…

…even though I was loving them …go figure! 



So I dug through my drawers and bins looking for something to inspire me, and found these butterflies I started some time ago for Lori’s row-along.  Hmmm…I don’t think I will finish it anytime soon…



… but I really loved those butterflies, so I just cut up the fabrics I was saving for the other rows and turned them into butterfly pieces.   



And it will just be a butterfly quilt instead.  Nice and relaxing and so pretty to work on.



I also pulled out a box that keeps my tiniest of scraps.  They are all trimmed to just 1” wide!  Seemingly way too small to do anything with but oh, just too nice to toss!  I sorted and organized them into this divider and I was all of a sudden happily sewing away and having fun.

The colored squares finish at 1/2 inch so it will be interesting to see how big this quilt gets before I decide I’ve had enough….mini quilt?… topper?… do you think I could make it to a lap size quilt?  …bigger?

It might take the rest of my life…

It doesn’t matter…because I think I’ve got my quilting motivation back.

and I’m glad to be back to the awesome world of blogging.

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