Mar 5, 2013

coloring books & the book I’m reading now


I whipped these little book bags up the other morning.  They each hold 6 crayons and a few smaller sized coloring books … perfect for a carry-along project… sort of like me and my take-along sewing bags.  So nice to have something to do at all times.  They should keep my two granddaughters occupied for a little while.  They were made with love and I hope they like them. 



This week I am reading “Summer of the Monkeys” by Wilson Rawls and am about half way through.  It’s a fun story.  I thought it might be like “Where the Red Fern Grows” also by Wilson Rawls.  That was a special book for sure.  But this one is its own story and is keeping me entertained.  I’m looking forward to finding out what finally happens between Jay Berry and those monkeys.

Thanks so much to Norece, a reader of my blog, for recommending it.

And now I’m going over to link up with “Whatcha Reading Tuesday.”

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Needled Mom said...

Great little carry along coloring bags!!! Enjoy your read.

Norece said...

Have a couple of kleenex ready for the ending - I am so glad you are reading it, the movie is nothing like the book. I laugh out loud each year when reading about the monkeys messing with Jay Berry.

Karen said...

I am not sure about reading the book. But I love the coloring bags. I might have to make some as gifts. Have a great day.

Wendy said...

The colouring bags are very sweet. What a great idea for the kids.

Nanette Merrill said...

They are super cute. I love them. Wish I was doing that for my granddaughter right now. And with PKL fabric.

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