Aug 6, 2012

Other things

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Seems I sure spend a lot of time at the sewing machine…

…of course, it must be because I enjoy it so much.  It’s a relaxing, fun, creative outlet and so easy pick up and put down in between my daily activities.

But over the weekend I occupied myself with other things.

This little sculpture has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, when my dad built a lamp post for the front yard and put this on it with our family name… Robbins… robins…  get it?

They don’t live in that house anymore so he recently took it down and is going to use it elsewhere now.  It was pretty weathered so I painted it for them over the weekend.  Now it’s all fresh and new

…and I enjoyed playing with a good memory and thinking a little about my heritage and family name. 

I also enjoyed pulling out my paints again.  It’s been a long time.

But for now and for this week I’ll be back at my beloved sewing machine.


Nancy said...

The story behind the sculpture makes it even more precious. Nice job on the painting.

Pokey said...

...and I was going to ask where you found such a pretty robin family! What is it sculpted from? I could see if it were iron, but from ceramic-would it hold up outdoors?
It is lovely with it's fresh coat of paint, good job, Annette~

Carrie P. said...

such a sweet story and sculpture. thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

Your little robin family is so cute! :0)

MARCIE said...

I love that! Is it iron? Love your new paint job. I bet your folks do too.

Raewyn said...

I love these and a great story behind them. Great paint job!

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