Jul 24, 2011

red all over


Look at this gorgeous variety of red and white fabric squares. 

polka dot block swap 125

I just got my package from Karen’s red/white swap and they are awesome!  All 125 of them!


That meant Karen sorted 15,625 five inch squares of fabric for the swappers!  She’s amazing!!  Thank you so much Karen, it was fun. 

And thanks to all the other swappers.  Great fabric choices.

Don’t you think the squares will be just perfect for something like this?



Béa said...

Oh yes, great idea!
Can't wait to see it. XO

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I received my package too and love the variety! That quilt pattern would look great with all these red and white squares! Great thought!


Thelma said...

Of course I love the red squares, they are wonderful. And they look square! I've had some bad luck with some swaps, looks like you participated in a good one!

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