Mar 23, 2011

Thelma, thank you soooo much!!

It’s here!…it’s here!!…it’s here!!!


Ever since the mailman delivered a special package to my house this morning, it’s been a wonderful day!  I have been anxiously awaiting this beautiful Glace fabric that I won in Thelma’s 250th post giveaway.  I still can’t believe I won and I can’t believe the prize….awesome!!


I’m going to use it to finally finish the Dresden quilt I started some time ago  ….now even bigger and better than originally planned.  This will be a quilt with a fun memory attached. 

You just have to go visit Thelma’s blog.  She is very inspiring!  She sews lots of amazing quilts and always puts her own twist into them.  I love watching her creative process and learn a lot from her.  Thank you again Thelma.  Here’s to 250 more fantastic posts…I’ll be looking forward to them all.


Mar 13, 2011

A Sweet “Just Because…”

My walls and tabletops are covered with little quilts and so I was talking about other ways I could display them. 

Then the other day, Mr. Sunshine gave me this adorable little doll cradle as a gift…for “just because”…


And I have had so much fun sewing a little pillow and pillowcase and mattress and arranging my quilts… and rearranging my quilts.



And starting another project for it.



Is it any wonder why I am so in love with Mr. Sunshine.


Mar 2, 2011

My friend the magnet

pin dishesWe’ve all seen this awesome idea to add magnets to the underside of a pin dish…well, it works great for me too. 


I also use magnets in other ways for sewing... I put a couple of them in the lid of my take-along Klosje project tin.  They keep my thread bobbin, needles and scissors nice and neat. 



There’s a little magnet under this yellow pocket of fabric that I stitched to the inside wall of my applique bag.  I never have to fumble around for my scissors and risk getting poked because I know right where they are.  And its so easy to put them back into place.



Another tin with a magnet for my applique bag.  Where it’s metal, I don’t even have to glue it down. 



This yellow plastic flower sticks to the lamp post by my work table thanks to a magnet I glued on the back.  I use it as a handy place to rest spare needles. 



And I’m thinking a button would work too…how cute would these be!


Mar 1, 2011

tiny pieces of fabric… too pretty to toss


Yesterday morning I sorted through all my tiniest scraps


And trimmed them up nice and neat to about one inch (give or take a bit)


And by the end of the day they had become this.  An 18 x 24 inch quilt. 


And I went to bed happy.


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