Aug 21, 2009

mini quilt and cowboys


Last night I finished a new quilt for my miniature quilt wall. This one is 11 inches by 14 inches and is from a pattern by Lori Smith. I love her designs.

I used some of the adorable scraps from Jodi’s package and some from my own scrap stash. They all went so well together, I thought.


My favorite fabric in this quilt is these little cowboys that I got quite a while ago from Terri. Aren’t these guys just the sweetest ever! Even my husband noticed this fabric and really liked it…and he’s not usually into fabrics. I’m thinking it might remind him of some PJ’s he had as a little boy.



Stina said...

What a lovely little quilt... and I did spy some other lovely quilts on the wall too..:o)

Sherri said...

I love your Lori Smith quilt! I'm getting ready to start a quilt by her as well!

Kaaren said...

I love mini quilts, especially those made from 1930's fabrics!

It certainly didn't take you long to dive into Jodi's fabrics and whip this little guy up.

Great job, Annette!

Karen said...

Love the cowboy fabric!
How many mini quilts do you have on your wall?

Heather said...

Nice and I love the idea of a miniquilt wall!!!

Eileen said...

yes.. that cowboy fabric is adorable!

And your quilt wall is awesome.

allsewnup said...

This little quilt is so sweet, I really like the colours. I've never tried a mini quilt but since coming back from a break I can't seem to get into my groove, this could be the perfect solution. I can finish it and hang it the same day.
Thank you for the inspiration and a great way to get out of my rut!

IZAS said...

Hi Annette!
the mini quilt is very cute, but your granddaugther is lovely!
I've send you an e-mail!

Carrie P. said...

Very cute. I love Lori's patterns too.

Rose Marie said...

Wonderful collection of mini quilts and your latest is lovely.

Terry said...

What a cute little quilt! You did a great job on it! :0)

Tricia said...

Love the little cowboy fabric!

Jennwith4 said...

Very cute! I'm working on starting a mini quilt wall in my living room! I'd love to see a pic of your wall if I could.

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