Oct 18, 2013

back to my beloved sewing machine!


Life has been utterly crazy for months now and has kept me totally sidetracked!  I haven’t been able to get anywhere near my sewing room for some time.  It’s a good thing to have lots to do but I missed my sewing room so much! 

But this week, I finally found my way back to the sewing machine. 

and Oh! it felt so good!!

It all started with making Halloween costumes for my grandkids. I sewed an Ariel costume, from The Little Mermaid; and Dorothy, Scarecrow and Lion costumes from Wizard of Oz.  It’s fun making the little ones happy.




Then thanks to my newest grandson I began a new quilt. Our adorable little baby just absolutely needed a quilt from his grandparents


And poking around in my sewing room (getting reacquainted) I came upon this quilt that was started some years ago. Along with it, was some fabric pieces I picked up along the way to finish it but then never did. The spark hit me and and now its all together and it didn’t take very long. I’m thinking I might donate this one.

All this in the past week…it was great!!

I’m crossing my fingers that life calms down now for a while…till Christmas at least.  Oh my…that’s coming up fast isn’t it? 

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