Jul 22, 2009

Just for Fun

View afghan

Kelli doll and Sasha doll think this teeny tiny little Granny Square afghan is absolutely perfect for them to use. Sorry girls, it is going up on my miniature quilt wall where it will be right at home with my other small creations. But they will have a good view of it since they spend their days sitting atop my button box nearby.

The little afghan measures just 6 inches by 7 1/2 inches. I crocheted it using size 5 perle cotton, something I have never tried before. Really fun! For sure I’m going to try something like this again.

Jul 2, 2009

Who’s got the Button?

My sister, Tricia, and I have been trading buttons back and forth through the mail. When I get a package from her and sit to sort through them it reminds me of when I was a kid looking at all the buttons in my mom’s button tin. There is just something fascinating about a button, or especially a whole bunch of buttons. Even at my age.

button box

I keep my buttons in little box of drawers on a shelf in my sewing room. It was originally made for screws and such. I found it in the hardware store. I loved that it was red and not the typical gray that you see in men’s workshops.

thread box

I liked it so much that I went back and bought a second one to store my embroidery threads in.

My button box is decorated with a button flower:


If I can remember how I did it, I might make a tutorial for it.

I also have a small quilted wall hanging that I stitch buttons to sometimes just because I think they are fun to look at.. These are interesting but not keepsakes because I’m always taking buttons off to use on projects.

View b

My favorite buttons of all time are Mother of Pearls. I LOVE these buttons. There is just something about them. Even old worn out ones look beautiful to me. I get excited when I find one and I keep them all as treasures. Like a little kid with a rock collection!


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