Jan 16, 2011

No end in sight


I started my Nine-Patch Challenge quilt…cutting up my choice of fabric and piecing them into blocks… but without any idea as to how I will put them all together.  They look prettier and prettier with each block I add…so I’m sure I’ll come up with something.


Jan 12, 2011

Planning a busy year


Now that Christmas projects are out of the way, I can get back to work on the Florabunda applique that I started last year.  I have six blocks finished and six to go. 


Yesterday I started a seventh one.  This BOM by Erin has been so fun.  She is doing another one for this year featuring birds.  I know it will be beautiful just like all her designs.


I made a goal to finish current projects and no new ones for a while but I broke that goal just two weeks into the new year by signing up for the 2011 Nine Patch Challenge at Anne Marie’s Quilt. The aim is to have a nine patch quilt finished by September 1st using fabrics from our own stash.  It was just too tempting.  This afternoon I picked out my fabrics.  I’ve been wanting to make a yellow and blue quilt…this one will have a little green with it too.

005  This might be an omen that it’s going to be a good year.  I was a lucky winner of this pretty quilting calendar over at Ann’s blog.  She has one of her awesome patterns inside for the month of October.  I’ve made some of her patterns before and they are really nice. 

There are lots of other projects to finish in 2011.  I have a list and plan to get busy.

daisy name

Jan 7, 2011

A little project to start off 2011


I was so close to finishing the top for this little quilt late last night that I stayed up stitching away till 1:00 a.m.  I should know better than to work on details such as measuring and cutting sashing when I’m tired because I got it wrong and had to come back this morning to fix things.  It made it very close for the sashing fabric…I started with less than a quarter yard scrap and after having to redo it, all I have leftover are crumbs… almost dust!  I was holding my breath!

Now to quilt and bind it and then I’m going to display it in a ready made frame.  The quilt is 18” x 24” and so it will fit just right. 

daisy name

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