Nov 22, 2008

Saturday Evening Project

I keep my supplies in plastic shoe boxes with index cards for labels set inside so I can easly find the contents. Although it has kept things orderly and organized for me, I did notice today that it wasn’t very pretty. With all the crafting and sewing things right there on hand, you’d think I could do better than that! So I went to work on my computer and created new labels that dress things up a bit. Now that feels so much better. And it will be easy to change labels if I change my arrangement. (I always change my mind). I feel like I accomplished a little something today.

Nov 19, 2008

Construction Boom

My little Christmas Cottage neighborhood just grew and grew. Seems there was a building boom going on. The little blocks are just too fun and I couldn't help it, I found myself making more of them so now instead of a wallhanging, as I originally planned, I have a quilt.

I have been working on the landscaping (sashing) a bit. This green seemed to go with every block. I'm thinking of sewing red buttons at the intersections and I still have to find the right fabric for borders.

I may not be able to snuggle under it by this Christmas, but it will definitely be there, full of fun memories, for many Christmas's to come.

Nov 7, 2008

Playing House

They're here!! My cottages arrived in the mail today and I have been playing with little houses ever since....admiring them and arranging them and having a great time enjoying them.

Thank you so much to the awesome ladies in my group: Cheri, Stephanie, Karen, Eileen, Sarah, Emily Kathy, Bekka, Teresa, Terri and Nanette. I love your sweet little cottages. Beautiful work and so creative!

I can't wait to put them all together into a wallhanging for this Christmas season. I know exactly where it will be displayed.

I want to especially thank you Terri and Nanette for all your work in putting this together so we could all have so much fun. I really appreciate you a ton. And thanks for the sweet little extra surprise. I won't tell here so that it will still be a surprise to everyone else.

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