Sep 27, 2008

Building Houses

I have been stitching the cute little cottage blocks designed by Nanette for the Christmas Cottage Exchange. I have to make 12 but I honestly don't know if I will be able to stop there. They are just too fun.

Sep 26, 2008

First try at Dresden Blocks

I didn't need a new project. I did need a cover for a small table. It was either paint the table or cover it and I decided this was more fun. I also need to clean out my overflowing scrap bins. This project helped a lot with that. I used 330 different fabrics in this little quilt top. It all started out as just an idea one evening. Then I started fussing with my scraps to see if it would work and by the next evening it was all pieced together. Pretty quick.

Sep 22, 2008

My new book tote

This little bag designed by Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches is just the ideal size for toting along a paperback to read. I am a reader so this will get a lot of use. I loved the pattern and it will be a keeper for my favorite pattern file. Thanks so much for sharing it Natalie.

Sep 20, 2008

Who could ask for more?

I have to be the luckiest mom ever. Two wonderful daughters to make me feel special on my birthday.

It started off with the doorbell ringing yesterday morning and finding no one there but a pretty package on the doorstep. Inside the package I found sweet treats and some fabric. Half an hour later the doorbell rang again and there was another package, again filled with treats and fabric and even music. This went on most of the day until I had gathered eleven packages from my doorstep. Never did catch the delivery person (who had to be a mighty fast runner because I hurried to the door). I finally figured out that the gifts were from my youngest daughter, Kari. I posted pictures of the packages and fabrics (41 different fabrics in all - a stitcher's dream gift).

Then this morning I checked in on my oldest daughter, Sara's, blog ,which is always so fun to read, and was surprised to discover that she had wished me a happy birthday there. She let me and all the world know that she loves me. Wow! I was very very touched. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful good daughters. This is truly a special birthday for me and it's just the beginning of a good day. Thank you girls so very much! I love you too.

Sep 18, 2008

Super Sized Pincushion

Today another one of my Stitcher's Angel projects is completed. This pincushion was designed by Karen of Cotton Spice. Thanks Karen for the pattern. Its such a fun size (LARGE) and will hold tons of pins and needles. It is already at work by the side of my sewing machine.

It has been fun seeing everyone's finished projects. So many great ideas and lots of inspiration.

Sep 14, 2008

Thanks so much Lynette

Putting together Lynette Anderson's scissor holder made for a nice evening at my sewing table. She designed this as the Stitcher's Angel project for this week Those of us working on Lynette's Noah's Ark stitcheries know all about Hugo's new little friend, Felix. Now whenever I reach for my scissors and see this little kitten, I will wonder how Felix is getting along.

Sep 13, 2008

Over half way and still stitching.

I won’t have this quilt finished before my birthday, which was my original challenge to myself, but that’s okay. If I had, the fun would be over too soon anyway, I figure. This way I still get to keep on sewing. I have enjoyed every stitch I’ve put into this quilt and am over half way done. So I am moving along. Life’s adventures and some other tempting projects slowed me down some but I will have it finished soon…at least by Thanksgiving…do you think I can reach this new challenge?

Block number five completed this afternoon. Four more to go.

Sep 5, 2008

A big "thank you" to May Britt.

This is my first day home from our wonderful weeklong vacation in the mountains. Now I am all relaxed and ready to get back into life's daily routines. Right away, I just had to start working on May Britt's bag that she designed for the Stitcher's Angel project. The pattern was perfect and easy to follow. I enjoyed every minute I spent on it. She designed an adorable stitchery for the front. My favorite part of that is the little angel's hairdo. It made me smile while I stitched it.

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