Aug 27, 2011

Sewing room tidy-up Giveaway!


When I came across Sarah’s version of Jacob’s Ladder over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, I knew I’d found one solution to my ever growing cache of scraps.  So now I’m busy taking care of that problem and thinking they look kind of fun this way.

(by the way, Karrie Lynn at Freckled Whimsy has a great tutorial on this block).


That got me motivated to clean out in other areas too…like magazines.  I’ve been clipping through mine like crazy and came to the conclusion that I just can’t do it all, so I’m limiting myself to a couple of binders full of patterns that I can keep.

I discovered I have 2 copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol. 2 magazine and the adorable Schnibbles Short Story pattern.  Who knows how that happened? 


So that’s my giveaway…

…the awesome 100 Blocks magazine… the cute Schnibbles quilt pattern… and a stack of magazine patterns that just wouldn’t fit in those binders, but are much too beautiful to toss. 

If you’d like to have them, leave me a comment and let me know.  I’ll draw a name in about a week when I’m through sorting out the sewing room.  By then, I might find a few more goodies to add to the package.  …lets say Wednesday, September 7th.


Aug 22, 2011

Red and white from all the world over


My Red and White Swap quilt all finished.

Except that I still need to make a label, because those beautiful red squares came from all over the world: 37 US States, Canada, Australia, Holland, Scotland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Israel, United Kingdom and Thailand! I want to remember them all in the years to come.



And remember this little goof-up block?  I took some of your suggestions and gave it a place of honor on the back.  It’s a keeper and makes me smile.



Also, last January, I joined Anne Marie’s Nine Patch Challenge


…and my quilt is a nine-patch. 

The deadline is September 1st so I made it by a little over a week.  Whew!  Thanks Anne Marie.


Aug 19, 2011

Cozy batiks

010 - Copy

It has been so very hot here, but today is stormy and cooler.  So I snuggled under this quilt and stitched away on the binding while listening to the thunder outside.  I loved it.

Three more quilts left to bind.  Then I can move on to new projects. I have a long list in my mind.


Aug 17, 2011

One down…


I recently finished 5 quilts and took them all in a bundle to my quilter, JoLynn.  She is amazing!!  She finished them all in one week.  If you click on the album you can get a better look at how beautiful her quilting is.


I finished binding the first one last night.  Such a great feeling!



And look what Mr. Sunshine noticed while I was taking my pictures… my miniature Dresden quilt sitting in the background.  I didn’t do that on purpose.  But what a fun contrast. 

Now on to the next quilt.  I kind of enjoy binding quilts.  But I’m questioning the fun of doing 5 at once. 

Keep going Annette!


Aug 12, 2011

Puppies waiting for their new owner



Remember these cute little guys?



Well, now they are a quilt.

All ready to welcome our newest grandchild who is due in just a couple of weeks.  We’re so excited to meet him!

I loved this pattern, “Bow Wow Blankie,” by Bonnie Sullivan.  Very fun to put together.


Aug 1, 2011

red and white and pretty all over


The red squares arrived in my mailbox last week and this week they are a quilt top!

Thanks to all the great swappers and to Karen, this quilt will be a fun memory for years to come. 


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