Feb 26, 2013

Not as hard as I thought

013 (2)

So… I started sewing the “eyes” for my Double Wedding Ring quilt…those curves making me a tad nervous.   But I found out it isn’t so difficult as I imagined. 

Just pin carefully and sew carefully and ta-da!  They aren’t perfect, but by the time I finish 194 curves for the “eyes” plus 168 more curves for the centers…(whoa!!)  I should be better at it by then don’t you think?

So far the pieces are matching up so I’m not feeling exasperated and frustrated.  That’s what I worried about the most. 

Instead I’m having fun!

018 (2)

Two more sprig blocks are finished.



I’m in the middle of reading the book “Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly and having a hard time putting it down.  Learning things about our past that I never knew before.  History wasn’t my favorite class in school and I struggled through those text books…but lately I find myself enjoying a little bit of history.  Other good ones are “1776” by David McCullough, and “Destiny of the Republic” by Candice Millard.

Now I’m going over to link up with “Whatcha Reading Tuesday”.

Feb 19, 2013

some things finished…and starting another….


Woo..hoo!  I finally finished the arcs for my Double Wedding Ring quilt.  197 of them!  Then I realized I only need 194 arcs, but, oh well, better too many than not enough.  I’ve been working on them for a few months now so I am excited to have them done.

Next comes curved piecing….yikes!!



I also finished two more sprig appliques.  Always a pleasure to work on these.



This month our book club chose to read Mr. Churchill’s Secretary.  I’m only a few chapters into it, but so far it’s interesting.

And with that, I’m linking up to Judy’s “Whatcha Reading Tuesday” here.

Feb 12, 2013

Sprigs and eerie bones


Ten sprig blocks done….thirty to go…but I’ve only been working on them for a little over a month…at that rate it is possible to finish the quilt by year’s end…but…you know…we’ll see how that goes.

So far so good.  This is surely a nice way to spend our cold winter evenings…cuddled in a cushy chair in front of the fireplace and TV and stitching away.


Judy, at Patchwork Times, had a contest for a subject for her Tuesday link party.  Since I’m a reader, I mentioned sharing books.  Judy chose that idea and generously gave me a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.  I was so excited! and used it to get some awesome fabric for my Stars and Sprigs quilt.

Thank you so much Judy.  That was really nice of you and I appreciate it.


Speaking of which, the book I am reading right now is “Speaking from the Bones” by Alan Bradley.  I’ve waited a year for this book to come out. 

The star of the story is Flavia, a precocious 11 year old growing up in an old English mansion.  She’s a genius in chemistry, lives to solve murder mysteries and can be a little melodramatic. 

I have read every other book in the series and they are are so much fun!  Mr. Bradley is a gifted writer.  I could easily have finished this one by now but I ‘m trying to make it last, because the next book in the series isn’t due to be out till next year. 

Another whole year!!

I’m linking up with Judy for “Whatcha Reading Tuesday.”  Hoping for leads to more good books.

Feb 6, 2013

finished…oops! maybe not


Finally all finished with the top and wanted to get a quick picture before its off to be quilted and given away.  Not a good picture …there isn’t much light on this cold winter day.

Not until I looked at it here on the computer, did I finally notice that really obvious mistake!  Do you see it?  I never saw it before…even though I checked and rechecked as I worked on it. 

Wow! The tricks your eyes can play on you!

But it will be fixed before the day is out.

I also finished the book I was reading in my last post.  I enjoyed it till the last third of the book and then I hated it.  Just skim-read to the ending so I could call it done and in case it had a surprise good ending…but there wasn’t one.

But oh well, I started a new one already and I know I’m going to love it because I’m a fan of the series.  I’ll tell you more about it next “Whatcha Reading Tuesday.”

Feb 5, 2013

Almost finished



Every Tuesday morning you will find me hanging out with a group of ladies working together on humanitarian projects.  It’s one of the highlights of my week.  This morning I worked on this quilt to donate and I’m almost finished…just need to add the borders.  We have some expert quilters there who will finish it.  The pattern is from Scrap Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.  And it’s been a great project.


And I’m also almost finished reading my latest book; Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson.  It’s a mystery involving a midwife at the turn of the century.  Tonight before I fall asleep, I will finally know who did it and why.  As of now I have no idea! 

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for more book ideas.

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