Apr 26, 2011

A First



168 little apple cores all stitched together.  No two alike.  It’s going to make a cute little doll quilt… about 24” x 28”.


It’s even kind of fun looking at them from the reverse side. 

But I’ll never see that again..


…because I’m getting it ready for the quilting part. 

I am going to hand quilt it.  Then because it was hand pieced, I will also hand stitch the binding on so I can say that it was 100% hand made.  That is a first for me.


Apr 19, 2011

Notebook Fun



Buy a mini composition book for your purse and make it fun with a fabric cover…



Like it so much that you whip up a few more to share…



Then play with fabrics and before you know it, you’ve sewn even more.



I found this cute idea over at Obsessively Stitching.  I think I caught her “obsession”  because I know I’m not done making them yet.


Apr 13, 2011

more on the little quilts


I finished Cheddar Cheese and Crackers.  This was one fun journey!  And because of that, I think it will always be a favorite of mine.  I wish I had enough stamina to make a large sized one  …maybe someday.



Thank you again Lori.  It fits beautifully in my doll cradle.



There are a few more apple core nine patches on my wall.  Whenever I sit down for even a minute, I feel the need to stitch two apple cores together…and sometimes that leads to a few more. 


Apr 5, 2011

New Kid on the Block


I just finished this doll quilt…made special for my new cradle.  The blocks are 3”.


And I’m still working on Cheddar Cheese and Crackers from Lori’s quilt-along.  Although my cheddar is more Sunshine Yellow.  While putting it together, I kept thinking it was sort of like working a Sudoku puzzle…and I really like doing those.  I’m hand quilting it now.  I’m going to love this little quilt.


For the moment, however, everything is being pushed aside to make room for the new kid on the block…


An apple core quilt! 

The apple cores are just 3” long so can be a little fiddly but the more I do the easier it gets and now I’m so hooked on these little guys.


I’ve been stitching them into nine patches first.  My idea calls for 21 blocks.  6 done over the weekend and 15 more to go.  Then sew those all together into another little doll quilt.


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